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professional business & Sports digital Cards

Digital Cards for Your Brand, Image & Likeness

My Front Office Digital business cards are designed to help you grow your brand, identity, and network. Turn your paper cards into a thing of the past!

My Front Office Digital Cards are

Name, Image & Likeness Compliant (NIL)

Create It

Build Your Card By Completing Your User Profile.

Share It

Share your Card With Everyone Through QR Code, Email, Social Media or Link

Manage It

Keep your Card Relevant by Updating Your Profile Anytime

Cards available for Students, Athletes and Business Professionals

Network Smarter

Make a great first impression!
Stand out from the crowd with your MFO digital card.

Digital Cards

Digital business cards are the modern way to share contact information. Digital Cards are also known as electronic business cards or smart cards.

Cost Effective

These cards are interactive, cost-effective, and more sustainable than paper cards.


One major benefit is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere. My Front Office Digital Cards can easily be created on a mobile device, or computer and can be customized for your school, sport or industry.

How Does it Work

My Front Office Digital business cards are completely customizable, and you can share it with anyone. No app required.

Step 1

Create a demo card. After your demo account is created, you will be able to create your user profile and personalize your virtual card.

Step 2

After you Purchase your Virtual Card Subscription, you’ll be able to share your card through email, social media or QR code.

Step 3

Log back into your account anytime to keep your digital card content relevant. You can change information, pictures, videos background colors and more at any time. My Front Office Digital Card changes are made in real time.

How to Share Your Card

It’s simple. My Front Office Digital cards can be shared with anyone, anytime. All you need is a cell phone or computer.

From My Computer or Tablet

My Front Office Digital Cards can be shared from your computer or tablet by simply logging into your account and sharing the link.

From My iOS or Android Phone

My Front Office Digital Cards can be shared from your phone by email, text, QR code or through Social Media.

Some Features & Facts

Customize to fit your School, Brand or Sport

Custom Colors

You can customize the text color, button color and event the base color of your card with any color in the rainbow. You have the ability to choose an overall color of your card. You can completely tailor your digital business card to best fit your brand or identity.

What Premium Features are Available

Depending on the type of card you select. Upgraded features are available. My Front Office Digital Cards are packed with powerful features that will help you get your brand noticed, and grow your business. 

What are the My Front Office Digital Cards Typically Used For?

Electronic business cards are used for everything from networking to building a business. Our electronic cards are affordable, customizable, and can be shared with anyone.

How Much Does a My Front Office Digital Card Cost?

My Front Office Digital has several monthly or annual Card Plans starting as low as as a $8 dollars per month.  You can learn more about My Front Office Digital's pricing plans by visiting our pricing page.

How do I Create a QR Code for my Digital Card

A QR code is automatically created when you create your profile, and will appear on your card immediately once your card is created. 

To Create Your Custom Card

Ready to Get Started?

Simply Click Here, select the Card that’s right for you, and create your demo card, or send us a message to setup a zoom demo.